Nailpaint is a key accessory and it surely adds up to one’s look!

What do we expect from a quality nailpaint, it should be:
•  Long lasting
•  Reasonably priced
•  Fast drying
•  Chip-resistant.

Some time back, Miss Nails sent me three shades of their nail polishes and asked me to review it on my blog. I was more than happy to receive their products because I like to paint my nails in beautiful bright shades! And guess what? They’re made in India!

Miss Nails is a product manufactured under Crystal Cosmetics, which is established in 2012 and they are currently based in Delhi.

I totally adore the packaging! It totally attracts the attention and one will be tempted to buy the nail paint. The nail paints look really high end! The best thing about the packaging is the beautifully embossed glittery “Miss Nails” on the cap of the nail polish.

The Nail Polishes have really smooth texture and gives shine to the nails. It has a quick drying formula and stays on the nails for a long time. They are highly pigmented, and just two coats will give desired opacity. So out of our 4 key demands they are long lasting, fast drying, chip resistant and not that costly.


Miss Nails Dazzle Pink
Miss Nails Sky Blue Shade
Miss Nails Charming Green

Price – Rs. 175/- each
From where to buy , ,

Can’t wait to buy some beautiful shades and add them to my nail polish collection!😍 So go on and try these and encourage Indian brands!

Hope you guys found this review helpful and informative. Stay tuned for more!